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The person in charge of special effects for the movie “Brain Hunter: New Breed” is eager to do his share of shenanigans for the production.

WATERTOWN — Inside a dark, cold former factory off West Main Street, with the only dusty light shimmering shyly through grimy windows near the roofline, Michelle L. DiBernardo opened the creaking door of sort of industrial metal cabinet and couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Oh my God! You can put jars of eyeballs in here!” she said.

With her own filmmaker’s eyes, in this case, production manager Mrs. DiBernardo, owner of DiBernardo Productions, Syracuse, saw a lot of potential at 591 W. Main St. to film scenes for the horror movie “Brain Hunter : New Breed”. when it premiered earlier this month.

“This is the brainhunter’s house, and he’s going to maim people,” Ms. DiBernardo said as simply as she uttered the sentence.

Production manager Michelle L. DiBernardo tours the building at 591 W. Main St., behind the Creed Community Center, where the low-budget movie “Brainhunter – New Breed” will partially shoot, and where actor Tom Sizemore is expected to be filmed. Kara Dry / Watertown daily schedules

Mrs. DiBernardo was in town a day earlier this month to spot the building, owned by Raymond E. Worcester, Watertown, located behind the former ARC Jefferson-St. The Lawrence Building is now owned by the Credo Community Center. Mr Worcester said he bought the building around six years ago for $1,000.

Ms. DiBernardo heard about the building from Watertown resident Ed Abbate, who has enjoyed his extracurricular activities as a film extra since 2004. He is friends with Bernard W. (“Bernie”) Miles III, who often works with M Worcester and helps him run his business.

“One day I stopped to talk to him and said this place would be a great location for a horror movie,” Mr Abbate said.

He sent photos of the building to Ms. DiBernardo and followed up with verbal reminders.

“He said, ‘Listen! There’s this abandoned building we have and you should use it. He kept telling me and telling me,” Ms. DiBernardo said.

She said that Mr. Miles and Mr. Worcester were very accommodating, and that day they showed her around. Photos of the building sent to her encouraged her to visit the site.

“The building fits in perfectly,” she says.

From left, production manager Michelle DiBernardo, Bernie Miles III and building owner Ray Worcester visit 591 W. Main St., where portions of the low-budget movie ‘Brainhunter – New Breed’ will be filmed. Kara Dry / Watertown daily schedules

In the movie, the building will be the Brainhunter’s house. Ms. DiBernardo, who lives in Cicero, said scenes from “Brain Hunter: New Breed” will also be shot at a supermarket, an ambulance crew and a Syracuse area police department building.

Pointing to the entrance to the old factory, Ms DiBernardo said: ‘Four college kids are running from this brainhunter creature and it’s going to have bodies, and there’s going to be brains.’

The Watertown scenes for the film are set to be shot in the building on March 3, 4 and 5.

Robert Resto of Westchester County is the director, writer and producer of “Brain Hunter: New Breed”.

“There are four students, typical horror movies, where they go and want to party and hang out in this old abandoned building in a town called Cemetery Town where all the original murders took place,” Mr. Resto said. during a telephone interview.

The film is a sequel to his 2013 film, “The Brain Hunter.”

“It’s a sequel, but I’m also trying to pitch it a bit like its own movie,” Mr. Resto said.

Bernie W. Miles III shows Production Manager Michelle DiBernardo around 591 W. Main St. Kara Dry/Watertown Daily Times

It’s a low-budget movie, but it has some star power lined up. Actor Tom Sizemore will play the lead character, Detective James Slant. Mr. Sizemore is known for his supporting roles in films such as ‘Saving Private Ryan’, ‘Born on the Fourth of July’, ‘Black Hawk Down’ and ‘Natural Born Killers’.

“Tom has been attached to this film for a year and a half,” Mr. Resto said. “But because of COVID, we weren’t able to film. Now that we are preparing to do so, he is still on board. He loved the script and the character.

Ms DiBernardo said the filmmakers invested $40,000 for the Watertown aspect of the film, including $22,000 for the crew and $10,000 for the cast.

“The rest is divided into travel, accommodation, catering, insurance, accessories and wardrobe,” she said.

For the gory special effects, Ms DiBernardo said Robert Cobasky would be flown to Watertown from Phoenix, Arizona. He is a sculptor and mold maker specializing in horror and monsters.

“It’s going to look so real,” Ms. DiBernardo said. “It’s going to be bloody.”

Watertown residents Lashuan Martin, a grandson of Mr Abbate, and Mr Miles will be among the victims of brainhunters during the filming of Watertown.

Mr. Resto said he had loved horror movies since he was a child.

“I used to watch old Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff movies with my grandfather,” he said. “I just wanted to do more.”

He particularly likes the 80s genre of horror movies. “Brain Hunter: New Breed” is set in the 1980s.

“The ’80s were the greatest decade for horror movies,” Mr. Resto said. “I’m going to bring that back with this movie.”

Mr. Resto and Mrs. DiBernardo are more than professional partners. They got engaged this month, on Valentine’s Day.

“When she is part of a project, she goes all out,” Mr. Resto said of his fiancé.

fixing it little by little

The site at 591 W. Main St. is the former paper research center of GLV Black Clawson Co..

“I’ve been slowly fixing it as best I can with my limited income,” said owner Mr Worcester.

He estimated that he invested between $25,000 and $30,000 in the building.

“Much of the work I did myself,” Mr Wocester said. “I had a few contractors there and ended up fixing what the contractors hadn’t done right.”

Part of the building he renovated is on the second floor on the east side of the building. It can now be used as office space.

“The whole floor was rotten,” Mr Worcester said. “We completely rebuilt the second floor.”

He sees a lot of potential in the building.

Production manager Michelle DiBernardo hopes this 1978 Mercedes-Benz, stored at 591 W. Main St., will be operational for the filming of “Brainhunter – New Breed.” Kara Dry / Watertown daily schedules

“I’m trying to make it a multi-purpose building, with electronics on one end, automotive on the other end with maybe small motors in the middle, eventually,” he said.

Something in the building that caught Ms. DiBernardo’s eye is a 1978 Mercedes-Benz sports coupe, which she would like to be a prop in the film.

“I got this for my wife,” Mr Worcester said. “She (Estella) wanted a sports car. But it can’t drive as standard and it’s the only automatic I could find.

He stores the car, a hardtop convertible, in the building at 591 W. Main St.. He needs a fuel pump, he said, something Mr. Miles had to do.

“Everything was clean at once,” Mr Worcester said of the Mercedes. “It’s all dusty now.”

As Ms. DiBernardo continued to browse the site, she saw potential props in almost every corner. She was looking for tables where the “Brain Hunter” could potentially gather his possessions. She finally opted for a metal table.

“It looks more surgical,” she said.

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