Best travel backpacks: Stylish, comfortable and roomy travel backpacks

A travel backpack will make your next trip *so* much easier. Julia Cherruault for Observer

When it comes to stylish travel accessories, a backpack might not be the first thing that comes to mind. While it may have close associations with the amount of books in a library during your school days, the backpack is also a key part of any quality travel wardrobe.

A good travel backpack is both practical and stylish; it should be comfortable to carry and spacious enough to easily hold all your essentials, whether it’s your laptop, your toiletry bag or a spare sweater. The best travel backpacks are durable and lightweight, so you won’t feel weighed down when running through an airport or heading to a train.

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If you still feel skeptical about the benefits of a backpack, just think of the total ease and freedom of frolicking hands-free, without scrambling to figure out how to lift your three different shoulder bags. As much as we love a good tote bag, there are times when a backpack is just the best choice, especially when you don’t want to constantly shift your beloved tote from shoulder to shoulder, wondering if your decision to cram in that extra pair of shoes is going to cause serious back problems in the future.

A backpack is an ideal choice when it comes to choosing a personal bag for your next flight, especially when you can easily slip it into the back of your favorite carry-on. Travel backpacks are also a great option once you’ve reached your destination, especially if you’re going to be running around a city all day, which is why finding a backpack at a time is so important. fashionable and practical. Below, check out the best travel backpacks for the most stylish trip.

The best travel backpacks

  • Dagne Dover.

    Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack Large

    Consider this sleek neoprene bag the LBD of backpacks; it’s reliable, classic and goes with just about anything. It’s water resistant, has a luggage pocket to slip easily over the handle of your carry-on, and comes with a shoe bag and dust bag, to separate your dirty shoes or clothes from the rest of your gear. essential. There’s a zippered laptop pocket as well as an interior tablet sleeve for *all* electronics, plus various compartments for all your essentials.

    $200, shop now

  • Parker Clay.

    Parker Clay Abby Drawstring Bag

    This fashionable leather drawstring backpack is sure to become one of your everyday bags, and not just when traveling. The chic backpack has a large inside pocket and a ring for keys and clips; however, it is best when packing on the lighter side.

    $218, Buy Now

  • Caraa.

    Caraa Stratus Backpack

    Make a statement in this eye-catching metallic silver backpack. The waterproof and über lightweight nylon bag has no less than 15 separate compartments, including a rear zipped pocket to store your wallet and other valuables, as well as a laptop space and a sleeve to baggage. It also comes with a shoe bag and a wet clothes bag, and folds up easily so you can store it in your suitcase if you’re not using it on your trip.

    $160, shop now

  • Rimowa.

    Rimowa Never Still Flap Backpack Large

    Yes, Rimowa’s stylish flap backpack is a serious splurge, but if you’re looking to invest in a quality travel backpack, it’s definitely worth looking into. It has a padded back and shoulder straps for comfort, with a covered drawstring pocket as well as a laptop compartment and two exterior pockets. A single minimalist strap allows the backpack to slide over your wheeled luggage, and it even comes with a chic leather address tag.

    $1,680 shop now

  • A way.

    Away The Front Pocket Backpack

    We’re big fans of all things Away, so it’s no surprise that the cult brand’s stylish and practical backpack tops our list of travel must-haves. The nylon bag has a wrap-around zippered main compartment with a padded laptop pocket and magnetic zipper, as well as a separate zippered front compartment. The padded shoulder straps are super comfortable and, of course, the bag is designed with a luggage pocket to perfectly complement your favorite Away pieces.

    $195, shop now

  • Calpak.

    Calpak Kaya Laptop Backpack

    This faux leather bag was designed specifically for your laptop; it’s perfect for work trips or just as a day bag. It has a special zipped compartment for your computer, as well as various interior pockets for the rest of your belongings.

    $118, shop now

  • Tumi.

    Backpack Tumi Traveler Just In Case

    The classic black backpack from timeless luggage brand Tumi is super light and simple, with a single main compartment as well as an outer pocket. It folds neatly to fit in your suitcase and also has a luggage strap.

    $100, shop now

  • Herschel.

    Herschel Miller backpack

    Go back to basics with this versatile navy backpack, featuring a spacious interior, laptop sleeve and padded shoulder straps.

    $69.99, Buy Now

  • Stoney Clover Lane.

    Stoney Clover Lane Classic Backpack

    This classic nylon backpack has a front pocket for extra space and is available in tons of different colors; they all have bold gold accent zippers.

    $148, shop now

  • Zero Halliburton.

    Zero Halliburton Journal Collection Large Nylon Backpack

    If you want more space, take a look at this professional black bag, which has a large interior compartment with plenty of other pockets, in addition to a flat zipped pocket on the back that opens to reveal an expandable flat pocket with a luggage strap.

    $445, shop now

Stylish and comfortable travel backpacks for all your next trips

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