Best tote bags for men 2022: Cos to Casablanca

On a hot summer day, when the sun is shining so bright that no amount of sweat-wicking fabric will spare you wet armpits, a backpack will only make the situation worse. Fortunately, the tote bag is a tidy solution that will save you the wet spot. Slung over for a summer getaway, a good tote will have plenty of room for a picnic blanket, sunscreen, shades and some tasty tinnies in the sun. And increasingly, bags are equipped with useful pockets and padding for everyday essentials such as laptops, stationery and notebooks.

Over the past few seasons, brands have paid much more attention to the designs of the humble tote bag, transforming it from flimsy canvas marketing tool to sturdy and stylish storage, made with premium materials. luxury, extra straps and lots of clever compartments. Thanks to their Tardis-like proportions, they’re immensely more practical than that other increasingly popular designer accessory – the shoulder bag.

In short, every man should own at least one good tote bag, whether by the seaside or in the supermarket (these are particularly stylish alternatives to those Shop For Life branded bags). And so, QG has simplified your search by bringing you the best you can buy right now, from colorful Casablanca crochet knits to on-trend The Simpsons x Balenciaga steez. You’re Ost welcome.

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