Best Multimedia Tote Bags, Ranked

For people of a certain age who live in New York City, the media tote bag is sort of a status symbol, much like driving a Prius in Los Angeles or carrying a big baguette in Paris.

Take the train any day and you’ll see a wide array of trendy bags, from NPRs to free New Yorkers that come with an occasional hit subscription. (Like, say, # 1 below.) (Or, my colleague Dan Riley is impossible to acquire LitHub Joan Didion tote, which is too advanced to be included in this list.)

Me? Big fan of shopping bags. Love them. If I could, I would embrace them all and give them the tools to make good decisions later in life. That’s why this exercise of ranking my favorite media bins – from best to worst – has been incredibly painful. But it had to be done.

A few caveats: (1) These are bags I’ve seen in the wild, OR (2) they must be somewhat workable. Please note that this post is entirely my opinion and, as an unfortunate RT, does not represent my employer’s point of view. Unless they like it. In which case it is.

1. Vogue 125th anniversary tote bag

I saw someone wearing this on the street once and had to do a double take. According to our upstairs neighbors Vogue, this tote is based on a design from 97 years ago and “presents artist Georges Lepape’s vision for Vogue Girl, the magazine’s original brand”. It also has all the qualities you want in a good tote: cool semi-rare graphics, suggests that you pay the $ 25 to get into the MET when technically you don’t have to. The king of shopping bags.

2. Architecture summary

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