Best hiking backpacks 2022

Call us Type-A, but you must do a checklist (if not on paper then in your head) before any hike. Depending on your level of preparedness, this list could include anything from a bottle of water and emergency sunscreen to a full first aid kit, lunch, a mirrorless camera and a cutter. anti-rain wind. But no matter how closely you follow the Boy Scouts motto of preparedness, having one of the best hiking backpacks on the market to carry all your essentials is non-negotiable.

Which backpack is best for you depends on several factors like how many of these necessities you want to carry, how long you are going to be in the wild, how long you will be going through and more, if you can believe this. The options available are endless, but there are seven in particular that deserve your attention. We have collected them for you here.

Best hiking backpack overall

The one who ticks all the boxes

This bag falls into the “ultralight” category, and with a weight of 2.6 pounds, you can be sure that the bag itself won’t add a lot of weight to your back during your hike. It’s minimalist in design, but not too small for a weekend trip or too big for a day hike. The bag itself can carry loads up to 40 pounds, but the lightweight alloy frame helps keep things lifted without straining your back and shoulders to do all the work, plus mesh panels on the straps , hip belt and back to promote air circulation to keep you. cool during the hot months. There are side pockets for quick access to water bottles, straps along the bottom for attaching a sleeping bag or tarp, trekking pole attachment and compression straps to keep it all together too compact as possible.

Some of the pouches are removable if you’re counting weight and need to save ounces, and the bag comes in three different sizes to expand or contract the generous interior compartment. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s on sale right now.

Best Waterproof Hiking Backpack

An all-weather pro

This coated nylon bag is sure to keep your extra clothes, fire starters and other valuable possessions safe and dry. This LL Bean bag is made from 100% waterproof materials and even the seams are secure, thanks to an advanced welding process that makes every stitch essentially impenetrable. In fact, LL Bean confirms how waterproof this bag is by claiming that it’s totally submersible, even with a roll-top style closure that closes via Velcro and TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanethe same material used in hospitals to ensure tools stay clean and dry).

As well as keeping your stuff dry, this bag has plenty of storage pockets for all your hiking essentials, plus D-rings, daisy chain, side straps and bungees to strap down and secure anything you might have. need.

best regardsKing Backpack for cameras

A safe way to carry your best lenses

Carrying expensive and delicate camera gear on a hike can be a tricky and anxiety-provoking experience, especially if you don’t have the right backpack. This Lowepro, however, is designed specifically to house camera bodies and accessories using the brand’s half-century experience in camera bag design. This modular, customizable bag has thick, supportive, movable walls that create compartments to conform to every purpose (or even drone). The bag opens fully with just one pull from the rear compartment that reveals the entire interior, or you can enter from the top or sides if you’re looking to grab a neatly packed item. To keep everything safe, the bag has a rigid armored shell on the front and a waterproof cover that can be quickly accessed via an outside pocket.

The bag unfortunately does not come with additional accessories like a removable bag that holds a water bottle or a utility belt, but these can be purchased separately if desired.

Prefer to see more options? Check out our roundup of the best camera backpacks for different types of photographers and outdoor expeditions.

Best Small Hiking Backpack

An excursionist’s best friend

Whether you’re just heading out for a few hours or venturing on a solo hike, having a small, compact backpack that won’t weigh you down (or slow you down) while you enjoy nature is an important option to have. -hand. This pack from Deuter weighs an incredibly light pound, so it’s light as air on your back before you start adding everything you need. It features a padded panel, mesh lining and stability frame, all designed for comfort and extra support, and the elastic side pockets keep things like water bottles or bars energy at your fingertips. A unique and practical feature of this bag is the front pocket that can be accessed from the side without ever having to remove it from your back, allowing you to quickly grab a windbreaker when it starts to rain.

Buyers say it’s the “perfect size for day hikes”, and one even noted that it’s their “favorite backpack for everything from short day hikes day trips”.

Best Night Hiking Backpack

The passer

This British bag company specializes in making tough, smart hiking and travel bags that make packing better, not harder. The bag is made from recycled plastic for an eco-friendly option, and has a lightweight feel and a design that was created to be as versatile on a mountainside as it is on a flight (it’s TSA approved). The adventure bag has separate, specific pockets for water bottles, shoes, a laptop and ID cards, as well as integrated compression straps, a belt, a chest strap and a back panel padded, all designed for comfort and weight distribution. This bag has room inside (with 42 liters of space) and outside (with pockets and multiple ways to attach a sleeping bag and tent), and buyers say they love it. have used as their one bag for everything from backpacking to solo backpacking for days at a time.

Best hiking backpack for women

Luckily it’s not rosy

It goes without saying that, unless they actually say so, most hiking backpacks are designed with a man’s body shape and structure in mind. This LL Bean pack is not. The bag has a “women’s specific cut”, which means the sternum strap, waist belt and shoulder straps all land where they should and don’t choke or gape awkwardly.

Lightweight, breathable nylon and mesh materials allow air to pass through and keep things cool on your back as you hike, and exterior pockets and straps keep everything from spikes to ice, walking sticks and water bottles, quickly and easily at hand. Best of all, it’s an ergonomic women’s bag, but one that maintains an overall neutral and professional aesthetic.

Best Budget Hiking Backpack

The one that won’t break the bank

If you’ve been here, you’ve come to understand by now that hiking isn’t a cheap sport if you’re going to do it often and want to invest in the gear that will give you plenty of adventures over the years. So it’s amazing that a pack made from quality materials from such a well-known and respected brand as REI can be offered at such an affordable price. The Co-op Flash is made with recycled materials, has breathable shoulder straps and mesh panels, padded padding for comfort, drawstrings and side pockets, basically everything you’ll find in other bags bigger and flashier for half the price. It’s frameless, so if you pack it to the brim, you won’t have the extra support systems that come built into more expensive bags, which means you’ll feel the weight a bit more, but for a few hours on the trails, you won’t miss these extra features.

Buyers describe it as a “lightweight, versatile bag” and say it’s roomier than expected and acts as “a full-day backpack” without costing the same.

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