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What are the best golf travel bags? Essential equipment to protect your clubs and make them easy to carry on your next golf break.

Traveling with your beloved (and expensive) golf clubs is not without risk. There is always a small risk of golf equipment being lost or damaged by airlines, especially if they are not properly labeled and protected.

A well-made golf travel bag can greatly ease these fears and TaylorMade, Callaway, J Lindeberg, Puma and Benross are just a few of the top brands that make great options.

A good measure of a material’s strength is the denier index (D). Anything over 1,000 puts it at the elite level of toughness, making it ideal for protecting your valuable gear. And the beauty of a golf travel bag is that it’s big enough for you to fit plenty of clothes, shoes, and accessories in.

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But here is our pick of the best golf travel bags and covers…


J.Lindeberg Pro Golf Travel Cover

Recommended retail price £249.99 | SEE THE OFFER

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more expensive golf travel bag, but this really is a seriously impressive piece of kit from J Lindeberg.

It has a number of features that make it stand out, but the six-wheeled base, which easily converts into a carrying case, is perhaps the most notable.

The majority of the bag is constructed with super tough nylon and in terms of size, even the largest cart bag will fit in there with ease.

Despite its bulk and stability, it is incredibly easy to maneuver. Five handles are incorporated and many additional pockets for convenient storage.


Masters Flight Golf Travel Cover with Wheels

Recommended retail price £49.99 | SEE THE OFFER

For those who aren’t going to be traveling with their golf clubs, very often paying hundreds of pounds for a golf travel bag doesn’t make much sense, and this Masters option is a great example of what’s available for less of £60.

It is well padded and covers all the basic requirements. Also includes large storage options that could be used for clothes.

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Puma Golf Wheeled Travel Case

Recommended retail price £99.99 | SEE THE OFFER

Undoubtedly Puma – thanks to the bold and typically in your face branding – and which will prove to be very popular.

The larger than average wheels are designed with maneuverability in mind and the bag is constructed from durable briar so very strong and will stand up to even the most exuberant baggage handler.

Titler Liverpool

LFC Titleist Red/Black Travel Cover

Recommended retail price £180.00 | SEE THE OFFER

Two of the biggest names in the sport have joined forces to create a stellar golf travel bag.

It won’t be popular in Manchester or with Evertonians, but it comes with all the quality you associate with Titleist. You benefit from numerous protections and two large zipped interior pockets.

If you’re not a Liverpool fan, there’s a non-LFC branded version of the Titleist Golf Small Wheeled Golf Travel Cover, which you can buy here.

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Benross Premium Deluxe Travel Cover

Recommended retail price £129.00 | SEE THE OFFER

Benross has a well-deserved reputation for offering golfers value for money and this extremely durable golf travel bag is no exception.

It’s constructed with 1680D polyester that’s as durable as can be, and your club heads get ample protection with thick foam padding.

There is a reinforced base and two additional straps to secure your bag in place.

You also have both internal and external pockets, so plenty of options to maximize its use.


Fazer travel cover

Recommended retail price £59.99 | SEE THE OFFER

A typical no-frills offering from Fazer, but a great value travel golf bag made from durable nobby nylon.

It also has a fairly sturdy base so no stability issues and big enough compartments have been incorporated to accommodate your shoes.

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Callaway Golf Clubhouse Travel Cover

Recommended retail price £119.00 | SEE THE OFFER

A golf travel bag with a canvas feel, but if you’re worried it’s a little flimsy, the super sturdy wheelbase will ease your fears. He can stand comfortably.

The polyester outer layer is also stronger than it looks and once your clubs are safely stored inside you quickly realize how well engineered it has been.

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I Cart Flight Cover

Recommended retail price £119.99 | SEE THE OFFER

A few nice touches with this golf travel bag. I Cart is increasingly known for its competitively priced products, which will tick many boxes for many golfers.

Immediately the large handles jump out at you and when you add the Ezi-Glide wheels you have a bag that is easy to lift or slide.

Reinforced polyester on the outside and 20mm interior padding will give you peace of mind that your clubs will all arrive in one piece.


TourDri Masters Travel Hard Case

Recommended retail price £149.99 | SEE THE OFFER

Looks like the ultimate travel case and won’t be far from it. For those worried about their clubs being damaged, the hard outer shell will provide ultimate peace of mind.

The polycarbonate construction would survive a major impact, and best of all, it’s large enough to accommodate wheeled bags up to 10 inches in diameter.

It won’t be for everyone as it can’t be folded up and at 6.7 pounds it’s eating away at your weight allowance.


Bag Boy T-650 Golf Travel Cover

Recommended retail price £89.99 | SEE THE OFFER

It looks really sturdy and this golf travel bag is equipped with crash bars and a deluxe skid plate. Also features a thick padded top that takes care of club heads.

Made from a synthetic rubber compound so strong and almost impossible to cut.


Ram FX Golf Travel Cover Deluxe Padded Wheeled Flight Bag

Recommended retail price £69.99 | SEE THE OFFER

It’s not made from the toughest material compared to other golf travel bag manufacturers, but on the other hand, it uses more padding than most.

Your eyes are also drawn to the giant pockets on either side of the main compartment and they come above a specialized shoe pocket so you’ll never run out of storage space.

It also compares favorably in price, like most Ram products.

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Woodworm Golf Deluxe Travel Cover with Wheels

Recommended retail price £54.99 | SEE THE OFFER

Another golf travel bag that offers tons of padding and was designed for heavy riders. It’s longer than the average alternative, so those who’ve added inches to their shafts will appreciate the thought.

Woodworm isn’t the most famous brand in golf, but you get the edge if you pay for the product, not the name.

This is a great value option with a sturdy molded hard case to the base and a shell with copious amounts of high density foam. Your clubs will enjoy the ride.


MacGregor Golf MACTEC Deluxe Golf Travel Cover

Recommended retail price £59.99 | SEE THE OFFER

Really looks the part and overall is. MacGregor is another brand that does a great job of producing great products that don’t cost the earth.

The reinforced nylon is a good start and it can also accommodate riders up to 49 inches long, so larger than the average golf travel bag.

There’s plenty of space for extras and the specially designed shoe pocket is welcome.

Ben Sayer

Ben Sayers Deluxe Large Wheeled Padded Golf Travel/Flight Bag

Recommended retail price £49.99 | SEE THE OFFER

Pretty much the cheapest golf travel bag on the market, but it holds up. It does everything you need for this type of product.

It’s padded from top to bottom and while not the biggest, it will more than do the job for 95% of golfers.

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