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Laptop bag buying guide

Mockup of a blank screen tablet on the table and a blank screen smartphone in a shoulder bag.

Why buy a laptop bag?

The simplest answer is protection. For most of us, we spend a pretty penny when we buy a laptop or tablet. The last thing you want is for it to be stained or permanently damaged. A good computer bag will provide shock protection to the most delicate interior components of your computer. These days, you can find TSA-friendly options and others that look more like fashion accessories than protective gear.

What should you consider when buying a laptop bag?

  • Materials: You’ll likely choose between fabric or leather (including genuine and faux versions). Both are generally pretty sturdy, but you’ll want to look for features like reinforced stitching or durable zippers that are meant to take a little more punishment.
  • Cushioning: Regardless of the material, you should choose a laptop bag with adequate padding. Some manufacturers even offer shock protection, which means that if you drop the bag, your laptop or tablet is protected from damage that might be inflicted during the drop.
  • Water resistance: This is an important feature that everyone should prioritize. While you might not be planning to hang out in bodies of water with your laptop bag, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t be caught outside by a sudden downpour. Water resistance ensures water won’t seep into your bag and damage your computer.
  • Design: In the past, computer bags were generally limited to traditional shoulder bags. But nowadays, you can find laptop bags that look like handbags or can double as backpacks. Consider what is most important to you when determining this factor.

What additional features to look for in a laptop bag?

You’ll likely be carrying more than just a laptop or tablet with you. So, consider whether your desired computer bag comes with extra storage space. If there is additional storage, where is it located? While not necessary, different features like a charging cord port or a TSA-friendly lay-flat design can all be value-added options that can make a bag more appealing.

Our picks for the best laptop bags

The trendiest

Advantages: For those who don’t like utility-style accessories, you’ll appreciate this fashion-forward alternative to the classic briefcase design. This laptop bag is made from vegan leather and is ideal for small computers no larger than 14 inches. It can also be used to hold tablets and has additional interior storage space for accessories such as a computer mouse, papers, notebooks, etc.

The inconvenients: It won’t work because of the smaller dimensions if you have a larger laptop or tablet. However, the most worrying thing is that the strap clips can break prematurely, meaning you can’t wear it cross-body and have to hold it by the top strap.

Conclusion : Style and function combine in this fashion-forward vegan leather laptop bag. While it’s ideal for smaller laptops, you’ll appreciate its low-profile design that will work in most environments.

Best shoulder bag

Advantages: Water protection is essential when carrying electronic devices with you. This vintage-inspired design waterproof messenger bag is the perfect solution. In addition to being made from genuine leather, it is ideal for laptops up to 15 inches. Plus, you’ll get plenty of extra storage space with nine pockets, five of which are exterior and four interior. The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to wear it cross-body.

The inconvenients: The magnets that secure the belt straps could fail over time. Also, some people have found that the zippers stick.

Conclusion : If you want something vintage-inspired but designed with heavy-duty protection for today’s tech gear, this genuine leather pick is a solid option. It can be worn over the shoulder with waterproof insurance and plenty of interior storage.

Most pattern choices

Advantages: If you’ve just given your child their first laptop, it makes sense to protect that investment with a laptop case. While the sturdier options in our guide might not make sense for a school-going kid, this simple fabric sleeve design is a classic pick that’ll slip easily into a backpack. Available in a wide range of models to suit your child’s personality, you’ll also love that this choice works with laptops up to 15.6 inches.

The inconvenients: While functional, you might find that it doesn’t offer enough extra features like storage and even a simple shoulder strap. Also, due to the designs, they may not make sense for adults who wish to present a more sophisticated image.

Conclusion : Protect those tech investments for your kids with this simple laptop case. It’s a solid option with waterproof protection and capacity for laptops up to 15.6 inches.

Best Backpack Design

Advantages: If you want a carry-on that can do more than look good, this backpack from Matein is the right option. It has a built-in laptop sleeve that can fit laptops up to 17” (depending on the model you select) and even has a rear strap that lets you slot it onto rolling luggage. There’s even a built-in USB charger port so you can easily keep your tech gear powered up on the go.

The inconvenients: While this is a great laptop travel bag, it doesn’t offer the TSA-approved flatbed design. This way, you will always have to take your laptop completely out of your bag when going through security. It may seem more utilitarian than elegant.

Conclusion : When you have to hit the road or frequently need to have all your gear on you, this serious laptop backpack is a solid option, with a USB charging port, water resistance and features suitable for travel.

Premium Choice

Advantages: If your budget is not limited, this distressed nappa leather messenger bag is the perfect solution. Although it’s designed to accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches, it also offers plenty of space for folders, documents, and more. In addition, you will get a sturdy detachable shoulder strap and exterior pockets.

The inconvenients: Higher-end choices come with high-end price tags, and the genuine Nappa buffalo leather content might make this choice out of reach for many people. Plus, not everyone may be a fan of the distressed leather look.

Conclusion : If you want to treat yourself even when shopping for a functional work bag, you can’t go wrong with this Nappa Leather Laptop Shoulder Bag.

Final Thoughts

If you’re spending money on laptops, tablets, and notebooks, it makes sense that you protect that investment with a durable laptop bag. Regardless of aesthetics, be sure to choose a dry bag that offers impact protection and provides adequate storage for any other items you might need to bring.

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