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Beach Tote Bag Buying Guide

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Why buy a beach tote?

When you’re at the beach or by the pool, you typically spend relatively little time in the water and much longer lying down. It’s important to have sun protection accessories like sunscreen and a hat, as well as ways to keep you (and the little ones) entertained. You’ll probably also want to leave the Italian leather pouch at home, as chlorine, salt, and sand can damage luxury bags that aren’t intended for outdoor use.

What should you consider when buying a beach tote bag?

  • Cut: If it’s just you trekking down to the beach, you probably don’t need an extra-large oversized pack (although, no judgment here if you do). For large families or extended gatherings, this extra-large bag can help you store all the things you need.
  • Sustainability: You want a bag that will stand up to the occasion. Sewn-in handles and durable material will ensure your bag is ready for many repeat visits.
  • Inside pocket: It’s a good idea to have at least one interior zip pocket for your wallet, phone or keys to ensure these items stay out of the water and sand.
  • Waterproof: This is perhaps the best feature of a beach bag. Choosing a waterproof inner liner will keep those swimsuits and towels extra soaked so there’s no mess when carrying your bag around.

What beach essentials should you plan to put in a tote bag?

For yourself, plan a bag big enough to hold your sunglasses, sunscreen, a cap or sun hat, and lip balm (salt water and chlorine are extremely drying). For your entertainment, you’ll need a few magazines, a book or e-reader, and about two to three toys per toddler. We also recommend a bottle of water and some snacks to avoid dehydration and the hanger. With all that to go, it’s clear you’ll need a chic tote to make your day at the pool or beach a success.

Our picks for the best beach tote bags

Best choice

Advantages: This super chic mesh bag will look great at the beach, at the farmer’s market, or as an everyday handbag. It comes in a variety of trendy colors and its loose structure makes it easy to store in a backpack or suitcase. When you’re at the beach, the sand falls through the mesh material, rather than being locked in for eternity. We also love the extra-long faux leather straps that elevate this bag above a typical mesh bag. It also has an internal pocket which can protect your phone, headphones and wallet from sun and sand.

The inconvenients: If you’re someone who struggles with emptying your bag of receipts and daily clutter, you might not like having the contents of your purse displayed every time you use it.

Conclusion : We love this mesh bag for taking you from the beach to the bistro in style, and the fact that it doesn’t become a sand trap makes it even better.

Best waterproof option

Advantages: The Bogg bag is loved for its minimalist design, vertical construction and waterproof material. You can easily pack towels, water bottles, snacks, toys and sun protection for the whole family without having to carry an unstructured bag. The upright position is especially nice for beach days because your stuff won’t fall in the sand. This bag is also fantastic for working in the garden and can be hosed down to clean it up. It is also easy to load and unload from a boat or car without tipping over. There are interior pockets to keep your jewelry, headphones, and wallet safe.

The inconvenients: It is a more expensive option. Additionally, the interior pockets may be prone to damage after just a few uses.

Conclusion : This premium beach tote is high end but offers unmatched space and convenience.

Best Value

Advantages: Beach bags don’t have to cost a fortune to be functional and fashionable. That’s why we love this canvas tote bag with reinforced straps. You can easily customize it with iron-on patches or enamel pins, or just find the right bag in your signature color. Due to its low cost, consider buying one for your family members or for your team before a big trip to the beach. You can easily take it from the beach to the grocery store with confidence and plenty of room to spare. The zip-top also adds extra security.

The inconvenients: This bag doesn’t have a solid bottom, which makes it prone to spills on the beach – a huge problem if sand gets in there. Canvas is also harder to clean, so it’s not a bag you can throw in the wash after a day at the pool.

Conclusion : If you need a simple and classic “boat bag” style tote on a budget, look no further than this roomy beach bag.

Ideal for travel

Advantages: This structured tote bag doesn’t take up much space or has a bulky design. It can fold flat, making it a dream to stash in a suitcase or day bag. The flat bottom keeps the bag upright and prevents splintering, so you can pack this bag to the brim without fear. It’s also water resistant, and the tarp-like material is incredibly easy to clean, keeping this bag looking great trip after trip. Simply fold this bag flat and easily store it in your closet. When it’s time to take it out, it’ll snap back into shape.

The inconvenients: While it’s definitely not the most expensive bag on our list, it does make it for a collapsible tarp-like bag.

Conclusion : A great beach bag for those with limited storage space or if you want to fit it in your carry-on.

Best personalized gift

Advantages: BeeGreen gave the canvas tote bag a chic Parisian touch with its bold black and white design and embroidered monogram. This bag is super stylish, roomy, well made and has that extra personal touch. It is well suited as a bachelorette party gift, or as a gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays or bridal showers, thanks to the personalized monogram. It not only works as a fashionable beach bag, but can be used for groceries or as a work bag.

The inconvenients: Like other canvas bag options, this bag should not be machine washed and only gently hand washed. There is also no insert to help stabilize the bag.

Conclusion : A beach tote so charming you may need to order a few, one for yourself and one for everyone else on your shopping list.

Final Thoughts

Beach tote bags are essential for going to the beach, lake or pool. Thanks to thoughtful designs and numerous patterns, there is a bag for everyone. Whether you have a family with kids or are riding alone, you can do it in style with this selection of beach bags.

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