Baked Good handbags dominate the runway at New York Fashion Week Spring 2023

As New York Fashion Week continues its six-day circuit, we’ve noticed one particular trend dominating the catwalk: designers leaning into edgy extravagance with bakery-inspired accessories.

Known for her kitsch otherworldly designs, Dauphinette’s Olivia Cheng showcased her brand’s beloved bread-shaped handbags during her Spring 2023 showcase, titled “Fragile.” The New York-based brand revisits its best-selling glazed croissants and baguette clutches, accenting them with metallic handles and chunky removable straps. These resin-coated antibacterial handbags are made from leftover stale French bread and hollowed out to become playful accessories.

Cheng isn’t the only one to bring a dose of carbs to fashion week. Puppets & Puppets designer Carly Mark has also incorporated pastries into the brand’s Spring 2023 collection, which is inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut,” Gustave Doré’s illustrations of Dante. Hell and parties in New York. The designer fused all three themes into a 34-piece collection, with a dash of humor – as seen in the whimsical square-shaped handbags adorned with resin-coated chocolate chip cookies. (These were also introduced in previous seasons, but clearly remain a central part of the line.)

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention Fendi’s recent fashion show, held in New York in honor of the 25th anniversary of its iconic baguette bag. (The show’s invites leaned into the topic of carbs, with photos of giant bread sticks adorned on it.) With its star-studded runway show featuring Bella Hadid and Lila Moss, the Milan-based luxury brand not only showcased a slew of new takes on the figurative bread bag, but also had Marc Jacobs reimagine the silhouette, mirroring its design. of tote bag. Don’t be surprised if these accessories become the coveted “it” bags of the season, co-signed and worn by Kate Moss and Kim Kardashian in the front row.

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