Backpacks found behind Riverview gas station belong to Trenton runaways – The News Herald

Backpacks found behind a gas station in Riverview are said to belong to two girls who tried to run away from their home in Trenton.

At approximately 11:45 a.m. on Feb. 7, a Riverview officer was dispatched to the Speedway gas station, 18799 Fort St., on a property found report. The manager told police a total of four backpacks were discovered behind the gas station over the weekend.

The manager informed the officer of an incident on February 5, where two young women were found at the gas station, attempting to run away from their home in Trenton. She checked the bags and, partly based on what was found inside, believed the backpacks belonged to those same two girls.

Among the items found in one of the backpacks was a $100 bill in a wallet and a signed love letter. In another backpack, the officer found a bank card and a hospital bracelet.

After conducting a name search, the officer was able to locate the phone number of a Trenton woman who provided the officer with the name of her daughter, the same girl who signed the letter found in one backpacks. The police informed the woman of the backpacks found.

The woman told the policeman that her daughter ran away from their home and took many belongings with her. The officer returned the backpacks to the owner’s mother.

Acting Police Chief Bob Bemis said the two runaways were arrested Feb. 5 by Trenton police at the Speedway gas station and returned to their parents.

He said that somehow their backpacks were left in the alley behind the gas station for two days, before being found and turned over to police.

“Between the officer and the gas station attendant’s information, they realized it likely belonged to the two fleeing girls,” Bemis said.

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