Away Luggage Launches Lifestyle Longitude and Latitude Tote Bags

There is a reason A way has amassed a devoted following over the past few years. The brand’s luggage is chic, durable, and reasonably priced, and the trendy suitcase sets are also carefully designed for all of your travel needs.

Away started with their classic polycarbonate suitcase, but the line quickly evolved to include tote bags, weekends, and lots of adorable accessories. And now the brand is expanding further into the lifestyle realm, with the launch of its very first tote bags, the Latitude and Longitude.

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The strap on the back easily attaches to Away suitcases. Courtesy outside

The two tote bags are designed for all types of travel and everyday life: a week’s trip, a day at the office, a quick getaway and everything in between. The bags are elegant, simple and easy to carry. They’re roomy enough to hold everything you might need to pack in your purse on your next trip, a day running for appointments, or just stashing all of your work essentials. The main difference between latitude and longitude is that the former is a horizontal style, while the latter is vertical.

There is a strip on the back of the bags that you can attach to your Away suitcase, but you can also unclip the strip and stick it inside the bag if you don’t need it. The interior includes a removable key fob and a detachable zip pocket that has an additional pocket for cash and credit cards, or perhaps to keep your passport or driver’s license.

Tote bags are also great for easy, everyday transport. Courtesy outside

For now, the bags, priced at $ 245 each, are available in four colourways: black or buff with silver hardware, and pine or ruby ​​with champagne hardware. There is also the option to personalize the tote with stamped letters, in case you want to make it a bit more unique.

Unlike some of Away’s limited-edition collaborations, these two bags are now an integral part of the product line, but that doesn’t mean they won’t sell – never forget the Away waitlist of 3. 000 people in 2017!

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