Apple’s Find My Tech is coming to backpacks at CES, with more to come

After Apple announced the license of its Find My software to third-party companies last April, Targus has now presented its first Find My bag.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Targus demonstrated the benefits of a backpack with Apples Find my integrated technology. Previously, Apple and third-party accessory makers offered key chains and clips to secure Apple AirTags on all kinds of valuables. With the soon to be released Cypress Hero Backpack, users will be able to keep up with their technology in an easier and more secure way.

Apple’s Find My Network is the most extensive tracking network in its class. The company uses its Find My app – a consolidation of the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps – to locate contacts and devices on a map. With over a billion active iOS and macOS devices available for connecting Find My trackers, it’s hard to imagine a situation where a lost object goes undetected. That’s why it’s encouraging to see third-party companies offering intuitive uses of the technology made available with Apple’s Find My Certification app. It doesn’t matter if a user is invested in the Android or Apple ecosystems, Apple’s Find My offerings objectively offer a better chance of successfully locating lost items.


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Targus’ new backpack is much more than an AirTag pre-included in a bag, or one with a custom slot for inserting a wearable tracker. The Cypress Hero backpack has its own custom technology inside, which offers distinct advantages in terms of usability and safety. This is important because the backpack size is large enough to store Apple’s MacBook Pro. This line of laptops – which start at $ 2,499 for the base model and can cost as much as $ 6,099 for maximum specs – certainly warrants the need to be followed. With a USB port and a built-in rechargeable battery inside the bag, it will be easier to stay charged than to hunt for the button cell needed to power the AirTags in the long run.

Cypress Hero Security Benefits

AirTag tracking on iPhone

In less than a year, AirTags have become so ubiquitous in the tracking space that people are now aware of the presence of trackers inside lost or stolen items. This is in part because there have been reports of trackers being used for nefarious purposes. People have found AirTags hidden on themselves, or more dangerously, in the wheel arches of their vehicles. This was somewhat expected by Apple, and the company included software features to notify users when an unknown AirTag is determined to travel with them for a period of time. The downside is that would-be thieves will be notified of the AirTag’s presence and can search for it, potentially negating the ability to track most important personal items.

This is where the Cypress Hero’s design genius really comes into play. Just looking at the bag, it appears to be a standard backpack, with no indication that there is a tracker built into the interior. Targus says the tracker is “unlike other portable trackers“, noting that the Find My technology is”highly integrated, providing additional protection against theftAlthough Apple has argued that the Find My Network is designed to find lost – not stolen – items, covert tracking technology appears to be a formidable adversary for would-be thieves. It’s unclear whether the tracker Cypress Hero’s Find My will notify an unknown user that a tracker is traveling with them, which can be the key to understanding its effectiveness.

The tracker not only offers a way to track the bag itself, it also allows you to quickly ping a lost iPhone. The feature works similar to the Apple Watch’s Find My integration, allowing the user to ping a connected iPhone. This appears to be the future of Apple’s Find My software, as direct integration with commonly used personal items will provide the ease of use needed for mass adoption of the software. This year might just be the year Apples Find My technology is becoming standard in many consumer products, with Targus’ award-winning backpack being one of the leading the way.

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Source: Targus

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