American Airlines Lost Thousands of Bags in August 2022, Air Travel Consumer Report Reveals

American Airlines lost thousands of pieces of luggage in 2022, which turns out to be more than any other airline in the United States, according to a recent report from the US Department of Transportation.

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This photograph taken on July 26, 2022 shows suitcases at the baggage claim service at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

The Department of Transportation has released its August Air Travel Consumer Report, which gives us insight into the number of lost bags at US airports.

American Airlines lost baggage in 2022

According to Business Insider’s latest report, the Department of Transportation has already released its August Air Travel Consumer Report. It gives us a detailed performance of various airlines in the United States, especially how they handle their customers’ baggage.

The news outlet reports that all the airlines mentioned in the report showed a much worse number of “mishandled” bags than at the same time last year.

The August report includes U.S. airline performance from the first month of 2022 through June.

American Airlines and Jetblue announce partnership
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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – JULY 16: An American Airlines plane lands on a runway near a parked JetBlue aircraft at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on July 16, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. JetBlue Airways and American Airlines Group have announced that they will create an alliance between the two companies.

And it looks like American Airlines had the highest number of lost bags in the first two months of this year.

The recent Air Travel Consumer Report revealed that American Airlines recorded the worst lost baggage rate of 0.93 “number of mishandled bags per 100 boarded”. It is significantly higher than its 2021 figures, where it obtained 0.76.

In total, American Airlines mishandled about 300,000 pieces of baggage between January and June 2022. Meanwhile, in 2021, it’s only about 177,000, making it a significant increase for this year.

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US Airlines lost baggage 2022

On the other hand, Allegiant Air has the lowest number of mishandled bags according to the Department of Transport’s Air Travel Consumer Report.

Its number of mishandled bags per 100 boarded is just 0.16, maintaining its performance at the same time in 2021. In total, that translates to around 5,466.

American Airlines lost baggage 2022
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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – MAY 12: Alaska Airlines customers check in for flights at San Francisco International Airport on May 12, 2022 in San Francisco, California. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, airline fares jumped 18.6% in April as demand for air travel increased due to the easing of travel restrictions related to COVID-19.

The penultimate of the worst performers, which outclassed American Airlines by a single ranking, is none other than Alaska Airlines. It mismanaged 0.75 bags per 100 boarded.

JetBlue AirWaysUnited Airlines ranks eighth and seventh respectively in the mishandled baggage report.

But it looks like United Airlines and Delta Airlines are struggling to keep up with their performance last year. In fact, Business Insider notes that both airlines tripled their number of lost bags over the same period.

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