A discount on Naghedi handbags endorsed by Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has long been an advocate for more conscious and ethical consumption, as evidenced by the launch of her clean and sustainable lifestyle brand, Honest. Earlier this year, Alba took her Instagram participate in #BuyFromHerChallenge, which encourages purchases from women-owned brands. One of the three she highlighted was Naghedi, a sustainable handmade handbag company.

The actress-turned-entrepreneur’s favorite style, according to a interview with Peopleis the big one Jet Setter Tote, which she says “is big enough to hold everything and is from one of my favorite small businesses founded by women, perfect for everyday essentials.” And until September 20, In the style buyers can buy exclusively the whole line with 15% off using code INSTYLE15.


Buy now: $276 with code INSTYLE15 (Originally $325); naghedinyc.com

There are currently 10 styles, the average price is between 150 and 250 dollars. From $65 Portofino Mini Cosmetic Bag to $455 Weekend in Geneva, these handbags are a lesson in slow fashion; they are beautiful, lightweight and handmade by skilled weavers. The process partly uses recycled materials, and the bags are created with such care that only one or two are made per day, depending on the brand. Also note, the the bags can be easily cleaned in a washing machine with mild detergent on a gentle cycle.

Below are some of Naghedi’s most coveted styles.

Naghedi Laguna shoulder bag


Buy now: $187 with code INSTYLE15 (Originally $220); naghedinyc.com

I spent years looking for a black shoulder bag for every day. The only one I have is a vintage Chanel bag from the 80s with a chain so heavy it leaves an imprint on my shoulder. Besides the pain from its weight, it’s probably the most valuable thing I own, and sometimes I need something more casual, so I don’t feel nervous wearing it. I’ve probably tried a dozen black shoulder bags over the past six years – none of which have been successful. Earlier this summer, however, my search thankfully ended when I found the Laguna shoulder bag. It weighs nothing, goes with everything, and can hold my wallet, keys, phone, and even larger items like a book or a bottle of sunscreen.

Naghedi Kyoto Pouch


Buy now: $179 with code INSTYLE15 (Originally $210); naghedinyc.com

A clutch is generally considered a night accessory and is therefore designed as such. The idea of ​​a small, lightweight bag that holds just your essentials, however, is appealing around the clock, and with the Kyoto, Naghedi has created a bag that meets those needs too. You can buy it in five colors, including a few fall-ready metallic shades.

nomadic hobby


Buy now: $234 with code INSTYLE15 (Originally $275); naghedinyc.com

The Nomad Hobo is another great tote option from the brand. It’s deeper but narrower than the Jet Setter and comes in eight everyday neutral colors like cream and dark brown, though the slate hue is currently sold out. It’s a great everyday tote if you often need to lug your laptop around.

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