5 reasons why tote bags are better than backpacks

When it comes to back-to-school essentials for campus students, a nice, sturdy backpack is never forgotten on the list. How else would you transport your textbooks, pens and laptop? However, I’ve learned that a backpack isn’t the only type of bag that can hold all of your school items. Tote bags are a trendy and stylish alternative to the regular backpack. So here are a few reasons why you might want to replace your backpack with a tote bag!

There are many more styles

While you can find backpacks in many different colors, the design options for tote bags are endless. From the traditional canvas tote bag to patchwork corduroy tote, you can find any bag to suit your style. You can even customize your tote bag to your liking! I recently discovered a Etsy shop who silkscreen your own music playlists that are styled like receipts on tote bags. That being said, tote bags are the best looking option when it comes to school bags.

Your outfit will never be ruined

Have you ever planned a pretty outfit for the day but your backpack is ruining everything? You don’t have to worry about it with a tote bag! Backpacks cover the entire back half of someone’s set, but tote bags allow everyone to see the set in 360. Since tote bags are worn on the shoulder. shoulder, they do not cover any part of your outfit. Not to mention, tote bags can even accentuate what you wear as they double as an accessory.

No more sweat in the back

Climbing those hills in class is not an easy hike and backpacks certainly don’t make it easy. Backpacks tend to look like another layer of clothing, especially when you’re out in the heat. However, you won’t find this problem with tote bags. Although your shoulder may be a bit tired, the weight is not placed directly on any part of the body. So your trip to campus will feel a little less of a hike and more of a comfortable stroll.

Easier access to articles

One of the great things about tote bags is that you don’t have to stop dead when you need to get something out. For example, if you need a water bottle or a wallet, all you need to do is lean to the side. You are not rewarded with this luxury with backpacks because everything is located on the other side of your body. This makes the tote bags perfect for the typical student on the go.

You won’t look like the average student

Tote bags are great for students, but they also make you stand out from the crowd. Depending on which bag you get, it’s unlikely that someone will have the exact same one as yours. Plus, because tote bags look so much like handbags, your student look will always be taken to the next level.

The semester is still young and it is not too late for you to opt for a tote bag as the satchel of your choice. My college life has changed for the better since I traded in my backpack for a tote. So investing in a tote bag can be a good idea if you’re ready to start this school year off right!

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