4 durable tote bags for the eco-friendly fashionista

Why do we need durable tote bags?

Tote bags are like our partners, especially when we go out and buy something. They are basically very useful and essential essentials to take with you everywhere.

  • Plastic bags are ruining our planet

Today the plastic bags are out. Because not only does it pollute our lands and waters, but it is also not easy to recycle. More than a million of these non-recyclable bags ended up in the trash every minute and many marine animals were killed by plastic bags.

People only need to buy about 26 tote bags to last a lifetime, so rather than buying 300 plastic bags a year, why not buy an eco-friendly bag that lasts a few years?

Believe me, having a nice eco bag will make your life easier! You don’t need to get rid of them because you just have to throw them in your drawer or wherever you want.

4 durable tote bags that will make your life easier!

1. Natural Nuance Black Tote Bag

Black Philosophy Tote Bag

Can’t choose the color? Go ahead with this timeless and elegant black tote bag!

Natural Shades aims to create sustainable items from sustainable resources with circular design principles to make life easier for every woman!

This bag is clearly nothing but the beauty of nature, as it is handcrafted to the highest standards using well-sourced materials to ensure longevity and reusability.

This tote bag is an “art” in itself. With its smooth and modern touch, it comes with a very spacious interior that allows you to store maximum

2. Andrea Bury Macrame Tote Bag

Burgundy macrame shopping bag

A beautiful handmade bag that will make you look and feel good.

This Andrea Bury handbag will not make you regret it, because the brand will reinvest 50% of its profits to support social projects for a better community. Hand woven from 100% recycled paracord and its unique pattern using real traditional weaving techniques from Zimbabwe’s finest yarn artists.

Plus, this macrame bag will leave an impression of contemporary urban attitude on anyone you come across.

3. Flery Three-Quarter Concrete Bag

Flery Concrete Shoulder Bag

A simple, roomy and stylish Flerry bag from 3 Quarter will make your day perfect effortlessly!

Flery Tote Bag is waterproof, made from ‘recycled’ balcony awning fabrics straight from Athens, Greece.

It’s spacious and one-of-a-kind with lifetime free repairs and a zero-waste policy to support a circular world, meaning you don’t have to worry about constantly changing your bag.

What’s better than a casual tote bag from 3 trimester which will melt you in all daily occasions?

4. Agnès Nordenholz Leopold bag

Leopold Tote Bag

Looking for the right tote bag to organize your trip to the lake?

Agnès Nordenholz Leopold Bag is just a perfect tote bag for your daily shopping or a trip to the lake in the summer. It has an additional padded floor which is easy to remove with a special water-repellent treatment.

Made with CloudWool from European sheep farmers in Germany and Rucksackleinen from Austria.

The brand wants to resist the changing society by creating this slow-luxury bag with a soul.

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