25 best work bags for women in 2021

There is an anonymous quote – often adorning the side of brightly colored bags – that says, “Behind every successful woman hides a fabulous bag.” But considering everything that working girls today need to be successful in their nine-to-five (uh, rather six), from laptops and wallets to sportswear and sneakers, it’s better to be functional too. Fortunately, the days of sacrificing style for substance have passed to epaulettes and feathered hair, and it’s never been easier to find a bag that combines the two. (Literally… they’re just a few clicks away!)

As more companies return to their offices in 2021 and 2022, it’s time to refresh your work wardrobe, including your bag of choice. (No offense, but it is so 2019.) When shopping, make sure that “the bag is large enough to carry what you need, comfortable enough to be worn on the arm or shoulder, strong enough to last, stylish enough to enhance an outfit and light enough not to add extra weight, ”says personal stylist Samantha Brown.

She cautions against bags with a lot of material. They may be a curb plug, but they’re already heavy when empty, she explains. Instead, “look for minimal material and a lightweight fabric and / or leather so you can fill it with the basics,” says Brown. And, if the bag itself doesn’t have a zipper to keep it closed in the middle of the ride, she recommends buying one with a zippered pocket somewhere inside to store more valuable items. Step into this year’s best TK women’s work bags, according to personal stylists.

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