20 handbags you can’t live without on New Years Eve

Somehow, we’ve made it to the end of 2021, and as we prepare to welcome her successor, there’s one thing on every fashion girl’s mind: outfits. Choosing a dress, pantsuit, or whatever your poison is is a necessity (naturally), but if we’re being honest, it’s the accessories that matter most. Namely, your New Years purse is what will take your outfit to the next level, and the market is full of jaw-dropping options.

It looks like extravagant props have been the name of the game ever since we started getting dressed after a strict lockdown, so virtual shelves and IRL have actually groomed us for this moment all year round. With mini bags still going strong and brands like Paco Rabanne turning glitter into an almost everyday accessory, there’s something for everyone this time around, from the self-proclaimed minimalist to the most daring dresser in the room. We’ve picked the best options for pairing your sparkly vacation outfits below, and we haven’t seen anything cuter than these.

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