20 best travel shoe bags: quick and organized packing

The best travel shoe bags can help your shoes last longer, but they also help keep your other clothes and belongings clean. After all, you wouldn’t want to cram your everyday sneakers with your sweaters and underwear. By using a set of shoe bags instead, you can keep potentially germ-contaminated shoes separate while carrying them in your travel bag or suitcase.

Some shoe bags double as laundry bags for easy cleaning. Either way, travel shoe bags should be part of your packing routine, and this is true whether you are heading out of town with a basic gym bag, traveling with a backpack only, or whether you are using a traditional suitcase.

Here are 20 of our favorite travel shoe bags for 2022.

This Pack All water resistant travel shoe bag is one of the best options if you are looking for a hanging travel shoe bag. This bag comes with a sturdy zipper and a hanging function that allows you to easily store your shoe bag once you arrive at your destination. Although this travel shoe bag is water resistant, it is not waterproof, so you should make sure not to use this bag to wash your shoes.

The Kimmama shoe washing bag has a dual purpose: you can use this product as a travel shoe bag, but you can also use it to protect your sneakers when they are in the washing machine. The mesh material used to make this travel shoe bag helps soap and water get inside while keeping your shoes separate from the rest of your laundry. Some reviewers have noted issues with the zipper functionality, but that doesn’t seem like a widespread complaint, as the product has received over 10,000 5-star reviews.

The Voyager shoe bag is made of premium synthetic leather, which makes it easy to clean with soap and lukewarm water. Lined with antimicrobial material, this shoe pouch also prevents harmful germs as well as odors and stains from spreading from your shoes to your clothes and other belongings.

An additional storage pocket allows you to keep your keys, money or other small items. This shoe bag also comes with a top handle for easy carrying or hanging.

This travel shoe pouch can be purchased in sets of two or four, and is quite affordable when you compare it to other options. Each shoe pouch holds a pair of shoes up to size 14 for men, and the material is water resistant and lightweight. A bespoke quality zipper also ensures that your travel shoe bag will close seamlessly and without any hassle.

Online reviewers rave about this set of travel shoe bags, claiming that each bag is light, durable, and roomy enough for multiple pairs of shoes.

The Piel Leather Classic Deluxe shoe bag is designed to hold one pair of shoes, but an interior divider separates each shoe to prevent scuffing. The inside of the shoe bag is even lined with fur.

The exterior zipper keeps your shoes separate from other clothes, and a handle makes this luxury shoe bag easy to carry. Keep in mind that the full grain cowhide leather used to make this shoe bag is not washable, but you can wipe the exterior with a leather cleaner to protect it.

This travel shoe bag comes in several different designs making it one of the most stylish shoe cases on our list. With different compartments, including a zipper on the front, this shoe pouch also offers extra space to store small items like your wallet or car keys. The bag is made from water resistant polyester so it will keep your shoes clean and dry.

Hezelf Shoe Storage Pouch ($ 13.99; amazon.com)

The Hezelf Shoe Storage Pouch for Travel and Daily Use is a great option for carrying your eco-friendly shoes, slippers, sneakers or even high heels. The bag can easily hold up to three pairs of shoes, thanks to its multiple compartments and mesh lining.

The famous travel agency Away has its own version of a travel shoe bag. The Away Shoe Cube Large has a foldable divider inside the shoe pouch that can help keep shoes separate from each other, but you don’t have to use it. Made of water-resistant nylon, this travel shoe bag can be kept clean by wiping it down with soap and water, and it can also slip comfortably into your carry-on.

The Seesocue water resistant travel shoe bag is made of durable and water resistant material, but you can wash this shoe case as well. A handle makes it easy to carry, but it also makes this product one of the few hanging travel shoe bags for easy storage when you get to your destination.

The bag is available in several color combinations and has an additional storage pocket on the side which is the perfect place for an extra set of laces or comfortable socks.

Zenpac Flannel Shoe Bags ($ 11.99; amazon.com)

If you are looking for a travel shoe pouch with a drawstring closure, this set of four travel bags is worth considering. Made of durable flannel, this shoe bag set is washable and dust resistant. However, it should be noted that each shoe bag contains only one shoe or boot, so this set of four can hold two pairs of shoes in total.

Online reviews say these bags are a great space saver and perfect for storing shoes at home or for stashing shoes in your luggage when traveling.

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal shoe bag allows you to store a pair of shoes up to size 13 for men. The shoe bag is guaranteed for life and has a top handle for easy transport. Its lightweight mesh fabric at just 2.6 ounces makes it perfect for air travel as it’s easy to see what’s inside when you get to your destination. Plus, it’s washable, which means you can clean the material when needed.

Reviewers say that these shoe bags are made of high quality flannel material which is easy to wash. The drawstring bag has a divider inside that allows the shoes to stay separate while you are on the go – perfect for dress shoes.

Each Lovk Travel Shoe Bag is large enough to hold a pair of shoes up to size 14 for men. The product, which comes as a set of four from Amazon, is made of a nylon fabric with a clear window that makes it easy to identify each pair of shoes in a bag without having to unpack.

Tumi shoe bags are noticeably basic, but they can be the perfect choice if you are hoping to purchase matching accessories for your Tumi luggage from an established, quality brand. A drawstring closure helps keep your shoes in place at all times, and the durable nylon fabric makes this set lightweight and durable.

The Sneakerhead Shoebox is actually a sports bag specially designed to hold up to four pairs of large shoes. The duffel bag features a large strap for easy carrying and carrying, and adjustable compartments let you decide how much space to reserve for each shoe you bring. This bag also has several other compartments, including small zipped pockets and a side pocket for storage.

If you are looking for a backpack specially designed for carrying shoes, then the Sole Premise Leather Sneaker Backpack may be what you need. This leather backpack is designed to carry up to five pairs of sneakers or shoes in their own separate compartments. Plus, you’ll find zippered pockets and a dedicated tech sleeve large enough to hold a laptop.

If you are looking for the best way to transport your shoes without also carrying harmful bacteria or germs, these antimicrobial shoe bags may be the way to go. They’re made of a durable, odorless polyester material that also helps kill or slow the spread of potentially harmful germs.

These travel shoe bags are extremely light, making them perfect for travel. They also come with a 90 day manufacturer’s limited warranty.

This three-pack travel shoe bag from Lnkoo comes at a great price, and this is especially true when you consider that each bag can hold a pair of shoes or two pairs of smaller slippers. Made of a water resistant and durable material, each shoe bag is also washable and reusable.

A handle makes this set easy to carry or hang in a closet, and each bag has an additional storage compartment that can hold small items like socks or car keys.

The Mossio shoe bag has three separate compartments that can be used to store or carry up to three pairs of shoes, although you can easily use this bag to store socks, underwear or makeup. Made of waterproof material, this travel bag comes in several colors and designs for you to choose from. A luggage pocket also allows you to slip this shoe bag along the handle of your carry-on when moving around the airport.

The HeguSun Travel Shoe Bag can hold up to six pairs of shoes, and a handy luggage case makes it easy to carry when pulling a suitcase behind you. Made of high quality yet lightweight material, this travel shoe bag folds up into a small square for storage when not in use.

A top handle makes this multi-shoe bag easy to carry, but it also turns it into a hanging travel shoe bag. Reviews online say this bag is perfect for traveling with shoes on or storing shoes around the home due to its large size and capacity to hold up to six pairs.

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