20 best tote bags for men

Men’s tote bags have stood the test of time. Renowned for being super stylish and functional, the tote has always been a staple men’s accessory as it blends effortlessly into office attire and streetwear alike. This practical bag is universally loved for its casual aesthetic and useful structure. It’s also incredibly diverse as these bags come in different colors, prints, and sizes.

In the 19th century, tote bags entered the fashion scene, thanks to the outdoor brand LL Bean, with their invention of the “ice bag” – a strong and durable canvas bag designed to carry ice. However, it didn’t take long for people to embrace this design and see it being used for more than carrying ice, and soon this bag became a utility fashion staple.

If you’re looking for a versatile bag that will pair with both office attire and streetwear, or just want to carry your groceries in style, we’ve carefully selected brands with the best bags. These best tote bags for men are the perfect item to complement any outfit and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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