17 Best Camera Bags, Straps, Inserts & Backpacks (2021)

we’ve tested a lot of camera bags. Here are some that we really like but have been overshadowed by our top picks.

Sling Wandrd Roam 9L for $ 149: The new harness from Wandrd is available in three sizes: 3, 6 and 9 liters. I tried the latter, and it became the bag I carry on all my bike and electric scooter trips. It can be worn as a scarf, messenger, or waist pack, and since the soft padding fits my back, it’s really comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The mix of 840D and 1680D ballistic nylon and water resistant YKK zippers make it feel like it’s worth double the price, too. There is also plenty of space for cameras, lenses, and other accessories. Need to carry a tripod? Secure it all the way to the bottom with the included straps. Need to bring a large tablet or laptop? Get the Wandrd Laptop Sleeve ($ 46), which fits elegantly vertically into the rear-most pocket. The only reason this choice is not listed above as a full recommendation is because of shipping delays; it is not expected to arrive until spring 2022.

Domke F-832 shoulder bag for $ 120: This is the bag I (Julian) used to cover the December 2014 walk in Washington, DC (the Domke bags are also the official White House News Photographer Association camera bag). Fair warning: the padding at the bottom is not thick and the included inserts are attached in a fragile manner via a single line of velcro inside the bag. But I still love this bag because it’s so spacious. Back in the days when my camera kit consisted of my camera and just one extra battery, I could throw a change of clothes, a laptop, and toiletries into this bag without having to think too much about the organization. whatever it is. The waxed canvas exterior doesn’t immediately suggest you have camera gear inside, which is a plus when traveling.

Gitzo Legende camera backpack for $ 230: This Gitzo bag has arguably the best aesthetic of all the backpacks in this guide, like you’re Indiana Jones on a new adventure. There is a side access pocket, but accessing anything else in the lower camera cube is a chore. It’s just not designed in a very intuitive way. There is a separate section for your laptop, but most zippered pockets, side pockets, and sleeve pockets are very small and can only hold a limited amount.

Lowepro PhotoSport Outdoor Backpack III 15L for $ 230: This pack only looks great on the track and can only contain a small DSLR or mirrorless in its removable cube (with side access!). It will fit well with your other hiking gear, and there’s plenty of room for snacks and whatever else you might want on short hikes (including a 2-liter hydration bladder). It is made from 75 percent recycled fabrics.

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